Persons born on 5 March 1838

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ANNIE V. SILCOX was born 5 March 1838, died 2 February 1896, and was buried in Grave 3-2-1 in Riverton City Cemetery, Riverton, Utah, United States of America.
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Cathrine Maria Wachsmuth, whose mother’s maiden name is Behrens, was born 5 March 1838 in Germany, and died 28 November 1928 in Floyd County, Iowa, United States of America.
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George Woolsey was born 5 March 1838, died 15 December 1929, and was buried in Section 5 Row 3 Grave B 13-C of Ione Cemetery in Ione, California, U.S.A. (MASON John Woolsey's son).
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Mary A. Messenger, whose mother’s maiden name is Fouts, was born 5 March 1838 in Ohio, and died 20 November 1918 in Polk County, Iowa, United States of America.
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Meranda Stickle was born 3 May 1838, died 2 December 1840 and was buried in Grandview Cemetery in Addison, Vermont, U.S.A.
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Wilhelmina Manthey was born 5 March 1838 in Germany, and died 7 March 1925 in Floyd County, Iowa, United States of America.
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